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Csatlakozz hozzánk a Learn+Earn Hungary Touron. Egy magával ragadó élmény, ahol a tudás találkozik a lehetőségekkel, és ahol az ukrán gyerekek dinamikus, interaktív környezetben fejleszthetik készségeiket.



Iskoláskorú ukrán menekült gyerekek számára
Játékos kiválasztási folyamat
Lehetőség tanulni és keresni a programunkkal


Napos rendezvény

Vegyél részt a szombati programon anélkül, hogy megzavarná az iskolai elfoglaltásgaidat.


Esemény ukrán gyerekeknek

Összefogással és támogatással hat magyar városban rendezünk ukrán gyerekeknek szóló oktatási rendezvényeket.


Gyereket választunk ki eseményenként

 Rendezvényeinkre a 25 legaktívabb tanulásra vágyó gyereket választjuk ki városonként.


Hogyan jelentkezz?

Jelezd részvételi szándékodat

Please register your desire to join the Learn+Earn Hungary Tour and show us how excited you are to learn. We're looking for kids who are ready and eager to dive in.  

Start your journey with special quest

When you fill out this form, you're also signing up for our exciting Quiz Game. The more active you are, the better your chances of being selected to join the event. So get involved and show us your enthusiasm! Check your email for details!

Follow & Complete Quiz Game tasks 

Complete the assigned tasks and excel in them to become the top student and earn an invitation to be a participant. Good luck to everyone!

Реєстрацію завершено

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can participate in Learn+Earn Hungary Tour?

All Ukrainian children are invited to apply for participation. The primary requirement is a genuine enthusiasm to learn and grow with us. This is an onboarding event, designed exclusively for children who are not yet part of our program.


How to apply for participation in the tour?

Any Ukrainian child is welcome to apply —whether you're just embarking on your educational journey or already on the path. Don't hesitate to submit your request to join us as a participant at the event.


What are conditions for participants?

Participation in the event is completely free of charge, offering an inclusive platform for learning and engagement. Please note, however, that while we provide the educational experience at no cost, travel expenses are not covered and should be planned for accordingly.


How many participants do you plan?

25 participants will have the opportunity to be selected for each event. We plan 6 events this spring in Hungary. Selection is on quiz-game results basis, with consideration given to the applicants' demonstrated activity and commitment to being an active participant in the program.


What is quiz-driven selection process?

We are introducing a scavenger hunt-like game as part of the application process. This game aims to measure an applicant's commitment, continuous engagement, and compliance. So please check your email for more details. 

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