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Celebrating Success: Learn and Earn’s September Spotlight

Dear Learn and Earn Community,

As we turn the page in September, we’re excited to share the remarkable achievements of our learners and celebrate their continuous dedication to education. Even with the school season in full swing, your enthusiasm has not wavered, and that is truly commendable!

🕒 Dedication in Every Minute September saw a total of almost 165,000 learning minutes among our students. While this is a slight drop from August, let’s remember that schools started this month and the fact that so many of you still managed to dedicate time to Learn and Earn shows tremendous motivation! As we move forward, let’s rally together, find those extra minutes, and aim even higher for October.

🏅 A Record-Breaking Number of Badges You all earned a staggering 3,000 learning badges this month—a new record for our program! Each badge represents the hard work, resilience, and commitment you’ve all demonstrated. Keep up the fantastic work!

🎮 Shining Stars of September A huge round of applause for our top performers of September, each of whom has earned an Oculus VR headset for their exceptional achievements:

  • Student 327 (age 7)

  • Student 457 (age 8)

  • Student 85 (age 15)

📣 Media Campaign Winner Congratulations to Student 146 (age 11), who is our media campaign winner this month. Keep an eye out for your prize!

💰 Winner of the Month Our winner of the month has earned more than $150! To put this in perspective, if a 10-year-old keeps earning at this rate from July to December, they would have around $900! That’s enough to get a high-quality gaming console or even a new laptop to aid in their learning journey.

Encouraging the Yet-to-Start Learners

If you have not started your learning journey with us yet, now is the perfect time. Your peers are showing incredible results, and there is a whole community here to support you. Let’s keep the momentum going and reach even greater heights together.

September has been a month of achievements, learning, and community. As we embrace October, let’s aim for even more learning minutes and badges. Remember, every minute and every badge brings you closer to your goals and dreams.

Here's to an even more successful October! Let’s continue to Learn and Earn together!


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