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🎉 Monthly Mega Badges Have Arrived! 🎉

Aug 16th, 2023

Hey Super Learners!

Did you feel that? There’s an EXTRA exciting buzz in the air for August and September! 🌠 Every single minute you spend diving deep into learning brings you a treasure. 🌠 And guess what? For these two special months, we’ve added MORE treasures for you to find! 🎁

Introducing… (drumroll, please 🥁) ... the Monthly Mega Badges, shining especially for August and September!

💡 So, What’s the Monthly Mega Badge Buzz All About? 💡

1. 🌟 Study Star Badge 🌟

Every time you zoom through 250 minutes of fabulous study in a month, this shiny star badge will be yours! Think of it like this: if you watched 5 episodes of your favorite TV show, that's how much time you'd need to study to earn the Study Star Badge! 📺✨

2. 🃏 Badge Ace 🃏

Are you a badge collector? For every 10 badges you collect in a month, you'll get the super cool Badge Ace! It’s like being the card master of learning!

🎈Earning the BIG Rewards!🎈

But here’s the magical part: both the 🌟 and the 🃏 are FIVE times more valuable than our regular badges. That’s a whopping $6.25 for EACH Mega Badge! And the best part? You can earn them again and again each month. There’s no limit!

🍿 Vladislav's Cinema Adventure 🍿

Picture this: Vladislav, one of our amazing learners, was so excited about learning that last month, he would have gotten 13 Mega Badges on top of his other LearnAndEarn badges! 🎬 He felt so proud that everyone in his class was asking him about it. And with all that extra treasure, he could invite 20 of his pals to the movies! (Now, imagine all the popcorn!)

Shine Bright on the Leaderboard

Every time you earn a Mega Badge, it will shine bright for everyone to see on our leaderboard. Let it be your beacon of pride and inspire all your friends!

QnA Time

🙋 "What's this shiny new badge?"

That’s our Monthly Mega Badge! 🌟 for studying hard and 🃏 for collecting loads of badges.

🙋 "How many TV shows equal the time for the 'Study Star Badge'?"

Just 5 episodes of your fave show! 📺➡️🌟

🙋 "Can I earn more than one 🌟 or 🃏 in a month?"

Absolutely! The sky's the limit! ☁️✈️

To all our incredible learners, keep shining, keep learning, and keep earning those fabulous badges. Your hard work makes the world a brighter place, and we’re so, so proud of you! 🎉

Happy Learning for August and September! 🚀🌌

With all our cheer and encouragement,

The Learn And Earn Team


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