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From Learning Minutes to Lifelong Memories: Highlights from July!

Aug 16th, 2023

Greetings to our passionate learners, proud parents, and steadfast supporters!

Our 'Learn and Earn' journey took off in an exciting way last month, and we’re eager to share the strides we made in July. Our hope is that these stories inspire every student, especially those yet to dive into the program, showcasing that every moment spent learning brings not just knowledge, but numerous rewards.

🌟 Education Jumpstart Event - A Whirlwind Start

Our "Education Jumpstart" event in Budapest was the first step. Over two days, 6th and 7th of July, the energy and excitement were palpable. While many of you were there, some couldn't make it. No worries! We organized a follow-up event especially for you to collect your learning tools: a brand-new laptop.

📊 Your Daily Progress At A Glance

We introduced a dynamic dashboard for students to track daily progress. Watching your learning graph rise is a feeling second to none! Alongside, our leaderboard has been buzzing with activity, allowing students to celebrate personal milestones and cheer on their friends.

🚀 July's Stellar Performances

Our first month saw a staggering 100,000 minutes of learning! That's like reading a novel, solving a puzzle, and attending a lecture – all at once. 1,000 badges were earned, and some top learners even pocketed over $50 for July! The best part? Payments for July began last week, and we're continuing to reward daily. Keep an eye out!

🎮 Oculus Quest VR Headsets – Learning Meets Immersion

The top performers in both English and Math categories didn’t just earn badges; they also received Oculus Quest VR Headsets on 15th August! Dive into even richer educational experiences with this cutting-edge tech.

💬 Stay Updated, Stay Connected

For all the latest and greatest, follow us on our social media channels. We've expanded to every major platform to bring you timely updates and engaging content.

📝 Looking Ahead to August’s Aspirations

Now, let’s aim higher! Our target for August is a mammoth 250,000 study minutes and 5,000 badges. If July was any indication, we know we can get there.

😴 A Gentle Nudge to Our Dormant Learners 😴

If you haven’t started your 'Learn and Earn' adventure yet, now is the perfect moment. When peers are reaching for the stars, why should you stay grounded? Let July’s achievements be your inspiration.

Feeling a little lost or need some guidance to kickstart your learning journey? Don't hesitate to sign up for a support session with Andrei. He's here to help! Book your slot here.

To those on the sidelines, remember, every badge earned, every minute spent learning, and every leaderboard rank is not just a personal achievement but a step towards our collective dream. Let's not just meet but surpass our August goals.

And for those pondering to join, don't wait! Our waitlist is open, waiting to welcome you into this transformative journey.

Revisit our previous blog post to refresh on how this journey began. And for those eager to start or restart, remember, every moment spent learning is a step towards a brighter tomorrow.

Let’s make August memorable. Let’s Learn and Earn together!


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